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One of the three glass designs Toni Zuccheri  created  for Venini, corteccia or bark glass was impressed with a pattern resembling the gnarald surface of tree bark. Not only was the abstract pattern visualy interesting, it served to hide the lightbulbs and to a greater extent it diffused the direct light the bulbs emitted.   Corteccia was usually found on tubular or ribbon shaped glass so the pieces would resmeble branches or strips of bark. Whats special about the corteccia glass in this chandelier is that the glass pieces are tile shaped and thicker than the tube or ribbon glass usually used. The thicker glass results in a more visual  deeply impressed pattern with greater diffusing ability.


Venfield currently has a pair of the five tiered corteccia glass chandliers with white powder coated steel frames. Each has 10 sockets  fit E26 torpedo shaped bulbs. Both are currently display in our NYC Showroom . Priced  & sold individually.




Diameter: 14.5 inches

Height: 26 inches


Overalll Height varies due to stem length. Stems can be cut to match.

OAH: 42 inches & OAH: 59 inches



Good condition. Frame shows wear consistent with time and use.

































Toni Zuccheri for Venini Murano Corteccia Glass Chandelier 1960s.

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