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Unique sputnik style Murano glass disc chandelier in the style of Alberto Dona. The gray and tuape color, textured glass has a primitive sun design that  plays with the light giving the glass a varied tonality, sometimes appearing almost clear and at other times nearly black. Set against the  brushed mineral gold finish of the core and arms the effect is stunning. Unlike the other disc sputniks Venfield offers, this pair uses smaller 3.5” diameter discs instead of the the standard 6”disc. The result is a lighter, less dense and more sculptural fixture.


A pair of these spectacular fixtures is  currenly available in our NYC showroom.  The  chandeliers are offered and priced individually. Custom sizes and finishes are available. Please inquire with Venfield.




Diameter: 28 inches 

Heigt: 28 inches






Alberto Dona Inspired Textured Murano Glass Disc Chandelier 2023

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