Venfield offers mid-century pieces combined with 18th and 19th century antiques and custom home furnishings. There is a unique balance of old world sophistication combined with a sexy modern point of view. Venfield was derived from the names of its two founders, Greg Ventra and Mark Field. 

Greg and Mark began their careers early on in the fashion industry. Both had a passion for antiques and interior design and so partnered to begin Venfield. Today, Venfield is one of Manhattan’s must-see shops for the discerning shopper or interior designer seeking the avant-guard and the unique. Venfield is located at 227 E 60th St in Manhattan.
In addition to furniture and antiques, Venfield offers custom
interiors, photoshoot rentals, approvals, and more.

Austrian Crystal and Polished Nickel Chandeliers created by Venfield

Bergdorf Goodman Display

Photo by Thaddeus Rombauer